Flooring Options

When it comes time to replace the flooring in any area of your home- it can be a mind boggling process. There are so many options out there from carpet to hardwood flooring to laminate. What you decide on really depends on your taste and your price point!  

Laminate is a well known flooring option. It used to be something people mainly used in their kitchens but now with wood laminate- you can use it throughout your entire home. Laminate typically is put in with a floating installation so that it does not require nails. There are less seams than with other flooring options and it is reasonably affordable. The cost will vary depending on the quality of the pattern. It can run anywhere from $.89 per square foot to $2.49 per square foot.  

Linoleum is made much like laminate but the pattern and color are deeper throughout the sheet of flooring so the designs cannot fade. There are a unlimited number of color and pattern options. Basic patterns can cost anywhere from $.45-$1.00 per square foot at Knox Rail Salvage.   Fancier patterns can end up costing $10 or more per square foot.  

Hardwood flooring is extremely popular right now. There are many options when it comes to wood colors and width of the planks. Hardwood can be sanded multiple times and can improve your homes value. While you can find hardwood flooring for as little as $2 per square foot, you should keep an eye out for knots and color consistency. Most hardwood starts at around $4 per square foot and the more exotic woods can cost around $10 per square foot.   

Then there is Ceramic Tile flooring which is pretty popular in kitchens and bathrooms. There are many types and designs of ceramic tile designs. The options with ceramic tile are limitless. Ceramic tile stars as low as .75 per square foot and goes up depending on the glaze, thickness of the tiles and the creation method. Whether or not you need someone to install the tile for you also can add to the cost. 

Carpeting is the final option and there are many different types and price points. Carpeting does not seem as popular these days- however, some people still love the look and feel of carpet. Its important to know that the carpet pile weight is very important when you are looking for durability. The denser the pile, the better it will wear over time.  

When deciding between all these options its important to think of a few things- what type of installation are you looking for (sheet, plank or tile)? How do you want to clean it? Do you want to be vacuuming or mopping? Do you like the feel of carpet underfoot or the feel of cool tile during the summer? There are many things to consider but hopefully this helps you start to make your decision!