Why Buy from Small Businesses?

Have you ever wondered why you should shop with small locally owned businesses? After all- what differences does it make whether you buy your lumber from a small business or a big box store? 

It actually makes quite a bit of difference!  

First of all, buying locally helps to support and strengthen the local economy. By buying locally- you are helping your community. More of the revenue from small local businesses stays local. Studies have shown that local businesses generate better benefits for the community and approximately twice the amount of the revenue stays local (compared to big box stores). Local businesses then turn around and buy from other local businesses and services which then also keeps more money in the community.  

Local businesses also provide more support to community groups. After all, their heart is the community! They have a personal investment in the community and local culture. 

Interestingly enough, local businesses also help to build local character which keeps tourism alive. They also keep the area from becoming another "cookie cutter town."  Wondering what we mean by that? Have you ever driven through a town and basically seen the same old things that you see in every other town? The row of big chain stores and restaurants dominating main street? That is what we consider a cookie cutter town. Local businesses keep things interesting! 

Of course, we cannot forget to mention that local businesses create more local jobs. Local businesses are more likely to hire local people who know what they are doing and who are likely to want to build relationships with their clientele. After all, when you shop with a local business, you are going to get to know the employees and have conversations with them. You will know when you go into that store that you are going to have a great experience with friendly service.  Big box stores tend to have a big pool of employees who work different hours all the time and who are not as likely to know their stuff or want to spend the time getting to know their customers!  

What it all boils down to is that buying locally from small businesses is a great way to support your community AND have a great shopping experience! However, don't take our word for it! Try buying locally for awhile and I guarantee you will be pleased!