Increasing Your Homes Value

In todays housing market, we all want to do whatever we can to improve the value of our homes. Even if you do not intend on selling your home anytime soon- these are some great things to keep in mind! 

Wondering what to focus on first? Most people focus on the kitchen when looking at a home. After all, that is where so much of family life occurs! They want a kitchen with useable, functional counter space and storage. Buyers also look for open kitchens that allow them to feel less confined. Wanting to make some smaller changes? Try a fresh coat of paint on cabinets and walls or even just update your light switch covers. Even little things can make a big difference!  

After the kitchen, the next important rooms to focus on are the bathrooms. There are numerous, small changes you can make that will improve the look and functionality of your bathrooms. Maybe regrout the tile, replace the toilet seat, put down some new tile or even put in a new sink with better cabinetry or storage space.  

Overall, improving the storage space in your home will help both you and future potential buyers! After all, nobody wants a gorgeous home with no room for storage! Consider adding a nice closet storage system to help with storage space- as well as being a affordable upgrade. 

Another option (if you are looking for a slightly bigger project) is to "add a bedroom" to your home. Have a den? The only thing keeping it from being an additional bedroom (and attracting a whole new batch of potential buyers) is the fact it needs a closet! A closet is somewhat easy to add to a room and also helps you with the previously mentioned storage space! 

You can also upgrade your lighting fixtures (which is a small change with the potential to make a big impact), change up the hardware on your front door, or even focus on your homes curb appeal! 

Have you made all these other changes and are still looking to see what you can do to improve your space? Look underfoot! Could your flooring use an upgrade? If your carpeting is just a bit dirty, a good cleaning may be a good first step. However, if you want to replace the flooring, a gorgeous hardwood floor would definitely draw in interest and beautify your home. You want flooring that will last and be attractive to a wide range of buyers. Avoid low end carpeting and vinyl as these will not hold up well and will not be as appealing.  

Whatever your reason for wanting to increase your home value or beautify your home- we hope that these tips have helped!